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What does the poster mean "vp" in the following?
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Perhaps they were looking in a mirror while trying to include old-style (qv) links?
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Yes, no joke. It looks like an attempt to create links in the old system.
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Hi, everybody:

Here I leave some other funny instances of clear failed (qv)-link attempts to be corrected :

  • Four Frightened People (1934) [tr2320295]:
    Filming delays while on location in Hawaii, recorded by production secretary 'Emily Barrye' qv), included a noisy camera, a broken mechanical cobra, 'Claudette Colbert' becoming ill, and temperamental behavior on the part of Mary Boland.
  • Bullets or Ballots (1936) [tr0599585]:
    In the film, it is suggested that Joan Blondell's character got the idea of the numbers racket from her assistant, "Nellie". In reality, the numbers racket was pioneered by black gambling racketeers in Harlem. The "Nellie" character was based on Stephanie "Madame Queen" St. Clair (Nellie scoffs at being called "Madam Nellie"). As in the film, the numbers racket was eventually taken over by 'Dutch Schultz' (qav) and 'Lucky Luciano' (the Humphrey Bogart and Barton MacLane characters, respectively).
  • Suzy (1936) [tr0592962]:
    Three former WW I flying aces were killed and producer Howard Hughes was injured during aerial scenes shot for Hell's Angels (1930) and producer 'Howard Hughes (I)' (qva) was injured when he crashed flying in one of the scenes (it's not known if that footage was among the scenes used from that film for this one). Since only one out of every 249 feet of film shot was used in "Hell's Angels", there was more than enough left over to lease to other films like this one. It also helped offset the tremendous cost to Hughes of filming his movie.
  • Marked Woman (1937) [tr1320665]:
    Screenwriters Robert Rossen and Abem Finkel capitalized on a sensational trial reported by the "New York Times" between May 14 and June 22, 1936 according to film historian 'Charles Eckert' (qav). Prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey was the prosecutor and Lucky Luciano (real name: Charles Lucania) his target. Dewey went on to become New York governor and a two-time Presidential candidate, while Luciano went on to organize Dannemora, the New York dock workers and the international drug trade. The women whose testimony led to Luciano's conviction left the House of Detention and were sent to Dewey's offices in the Woolworth Building, where they received sums ranging from $150 to $175, barely a half week's wages that they earned as prostitutes. Then, according to Eckert, they "disappeared, as they do in the film, into the fog."
  • Bad Lands (1939) [tr3726796]:
    Leading man 'John Payne' (q.v.) is often mistakenly credited as playing the bit part of Apache Jack in this film. It is not he. The role is played by Jack Payne, whose only known film this was. John Payne was far too well known by 1939 to play a bit part without dialog in a B-Western.
  • One Night in the Tropics (1940) [tr2246092]:
    On August 21, 1940, 'Allan Jones' (vp) and 'Robert Cummings' (vp) guested on Bud Abbott and Lou Costello's radio show to promote the film. Production began five days later.
  • Bambi (1942) [tr2670088]:
    When the film staff decided to add rabbit characters to the film, they took an idea from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). The plan was to develop 6 rabbits with individual personalities and looks, similar to the Dwarfs from the previous film. 'Perce Pearce' (qV) then had a different idea. He suggested to depict 6 rabbits, but to depict to 5 of them with generic looks and personalities. The sixth one would have distinctive colouration and personality to allow him to stand out. Pearce's idea for the unique rabbit was developed into Thumper.
  • Reap the Wild Wind (1942) [tr2067261]:
    The voice of the character "The Lamb", played by former wrestler 'William 'Wee Willie' Davis' (fqv), was dubbed by Paramount contract player Akim Tamiroff, who had previously acted for Cecil B. DeMille in North West Mounted Police (1940).
  • The Mummy's Ghost (1944) [tr1735723]:
    The opening scene introduced Kharis simply walking out of the woods with no explanation or rationale. Director 'Reginald LeBorg' (qav) was able to talk producer Ben Pivar into shooting a prologue set in Egypt with John Carradine and George Zucco in order to give Kharis' introduction a basis in logic.
  • The Beast with Five Fingers (1946) [tr1242374]:
    According to Curt Siodmak in "Screenwriter: Words Become Pictures", he originally wrote the story for Warner Brothers leading man 'Paul Henried (I)' (qav). The actor decline,d saying, "I'm not wild to play against a dead hand." The writer believed that it would have been more effective with a good-looking man like Henried instead of 'Peter Lorre', whom the audience would automatically think was crazy.
  • All the King's Men (1949) [tr0770565]:
    Robert Penn Warren's novel, upon which the film was based, was published in 1946. It went on to win the Pulitzer Prize. Writer-director Robert Rossen purchased the film rights himself, and was then able to broker a deal with Columbia Pictures. He shifted the focus of the novel from the Jack Burden character (played by 'John Ireland' (qv() to Willie Stark.
  • Belles on Their Toes (1952) [tr2973266]:
    According to studio publicity, the graduation sequences were filmed at Santa Monica High School, and the barbecue sequences were filmed on location at Paradise Cove in Malibu, CA. Although publicity announced that the songs "Watermelon Weather" by Hoagy Carmichael and 'Paul Francis Webster' qv) and "Monterey" by Carmichael and John Scott, would be in the picture, they were not included in the released film. According to a June 1952 "Hollywood Reporter" news item, theater managers in the Midwest offered patrons a "money-back guarantee" on their enjoyment of this film, and the publicity stunt substantially raised the picture's box-office intake and was used at other venues.
  • The Devil Makes Three (1952) [tr2535097]:
    The end of the movie was filmed at the ruins of 'Adolf Hitler' (qf)'s Berghof in Obersalzberg. They clearly used the entry hall with the vaulted ceilings and the conference room with the giant picture window.
  • Wyoming Roundup (1952) [tr1859346]:
    In this, his last of 22 starring roles for Monogram Pictures, 'Whip Wilson (I)' (av) didn't even carry his trademark bullwhip. In later years, his co-star Tommy Farrell joked that the notoriously "frugal" company sold his whip to finance the picture.
  • Miami Exposé (1956) [tr1966354]:
    Lt. Scott (Lee J. Cobb) refers to the person who shot his partner as a 'gunsel'. A comment in "Maltese Falcon' (q.v.) explains that when Hammett wrote the novel The Maltese Falcon, he described Wilmer as a "catamite" (a young man in a sexual relationship with an older man). The publisher objected, so Hammett changed it to "gunsel," an obscure bit of street slang with the same meaning. Because so few people were familiar with the term, it snuck past the Breen Office and into the finished film. Most people who watch the movie assume "gunsel" is just another word for gunman.
  • The 3 Worlds of Gulliver (1960) [tr2555180]:
    For this film, "Dynamation"--the name of 'Ray Harryhausen' (qb)'s stop-motion effects technique--was rebranded "Super-Dynamation". Only one other Harryhausen film has this brand: his subsequent film, Mysterious Island (1961).
  • The Eye Creatures (1965) [tr1576905]:
    Apart from the usual stock themes, director Larry Buchanan borrowed from The Hypnotic Eye (1960) an early scene in a bar featuring the same tune 'Yvette Vickers' (aqv) danced to in 1958's Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958).
  • Deranged (1974) [tr0760813]:
    Harvey Keitel and 'Christopher Walken' (gv) both auditioned for the role of Ezra Cobb in New York. Tom Karr felt they were a bit too young for the part though. Roberts Blossom was the last to audition and Tom knew he had his man.
  • Twilight's Last Gleaming (1977) [tr2889720]:
    Many actors from the Star Wars (1977) film series made appearances. Garrick Hagon and William Hootkins both appeared as Rebel Pilots in the first film, and 'John Ratzenberger' (gv) also appeared as a rebel soldier in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980). In addition, Hagon and Ratzenberger also played U.S. soldiers that same year in A Bridge Too Far (1977).
  • Only Fools and Horses.... (1981) [tr2327689]:
    'David Jason' (qv ) described the end of the show as "very emotional and difficult to compute. We all knew this wasn't the kind of experience that comes twice in your life. What a series. So many brilliant moments and lines; such clever writing. (John) Sullivan was a traditionalist, in a way: he made the characters do the work and they didn't need to resort to extremities of language or action. Yet there was such tremendous light and shade. Only Fools had a death, it had a miscarriage, it had a birth...the more John saw how we worked together, the more he felt he could push into areas where comedy didn't ever go. It was great, honest stuff and it touched people's lives. We had most of the nation behind us, really, when we properly got going".
  • Shoot the Sun Down (1981) [tr0595867]:
    While writing the script, 'David Leeds' (Iqv) listened to The Eagles' album "Desperado" for inspiration.
  • High Road to China (1983) [tr1941174]:
    The aphorism said by Struts ('Jack Weston' qv)) was "The ox is slow but the earth is patient". Apparently, this saying is an ancient Buddhist proverb. It's meaning according to a blog on Yahoo Answers says: "The ox is universally a symbol of slow, plodding, working in the fields or rice paddies, dragging the plow. But it gets the job done. The earth is patient expresses the meaning that time does not matter to nature. On a symbolic level, the phrase refers to man, plowing the field with the ox. The earth (a symbolic representation of all nature) is not in a hurry. Seasons come and seasons go. All in its time...Persistence and patience are virtues to be admired".
  • Titus Andronicus (1985) [tr2652563]:
    As this was broadcast several months after the rest of the seventh season, it was rumoured that the BBC were worried about the violence in the play and that disagreements had arisen about censorship. This was inaccurate however, with the delay caused by a BBC strike in 1984. The episode had been booked into the studio in February and March 1984, but the strike meant it could not shoot. When the strike ended, the studio could not be used as it was being used by another production, and then when the studio became available, the RSC was using 'Trevor Peacock' (wv). Thus filming did not take place until February 1985, a year later than planned.
  • Legal Eagles (1986) [tr0610754]:
    The script for this movie started out as a documentary on the battle over the estate of artist 'Mark Rothko' qv).
  • Purojekuto A-ko (1986) [tr0746009]:
    Some of the missiles fired during the space battle scene are actually Pepsi cans. This may be a reference to the film _Chôjikû yôsai Macross: Ai oboeteimasuka (1984)_ qv), which used a similar gag that replaced a pair of missiles with a Budweiser can and a sake flask. This gag was courtesy of mecha designer Shôichi Masuo, who also previously worked on the Macross scene in question.
  • The Big Town (1987) [tr3279926]:
    The film cast includes two Oscar winners: Tommy Lee Jones and Lee Grant; and four Oscar nominees: Matt Dillon, Diane Lane, 'Sarah Polley' (Qv) and 'Bruce Dern'.
  • Yee dam kwan ying (1989) [tr2768847]:
    The film was made to aid director Cheh Chang who was broke. When actors Danny Lee and 'David Chiang' (wB) found out about Chang's financial situation, they developed the story that was made to be similar to A Better Tomorrow (1986).
  • Texasville (1990) [tr3141177]:
    The 'Timothy Bottoms' (qc) character still sits in the ruins of the Royal Theater (still there in 1990) and watched movies in the sky.
  • V.R. Troopers (1994) [tr2829909]:
    The show went through two different name changes, Psycon and Cybertron. In the Psycon pilot script, the main character was Adam Steele, who merged with the cyborg Psycon instead of transforming into it. The enemy was Grimlord, whose alter ego was Cyrus Ritker, who led a robot army known as Cyberdrones. Cyrus had a son called Percy who was Adam's martial arts rival. Adam's mentor and caretaker was a martial arts sensei called Tao. Adam was friends with Tao's daughter Mia and a young kid called Mouse MacKenzie. The Cybertron pilot starred Jason David Frank as Adam and drew its source footage from Super Machine Metalder. Adam was depicted as a solo hero going up against an army of robots known as Wardrones, led by Grimlord/Cyrus Rikter. Percy, Tao Chong, and Mia were also included. Doug Sloan played Tyler Steele in flashbacks. A pair of bumbling news reporters named Elmo, played by Jamie Kennedy, and Scuzzy, would've provided comic relief. Its theme song was based on 'Ron Wasserman' (qvV)'s "Go Green/White Ranger Go" song in 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'. According to Frank on his reality web series "My Morphin Life", he was originally cast as Ryan Steele and Brad Hawkins was cast as Tommy the Green Ranger on Power Rangers. At the last minute producers decided to switch the actors' roles. Hawkins would later appear in Power Rangers Zeo (1996).
  • Il silenzio dei prosciutti (1994) [tr3224239]:
    Cast of the movie includes at least 6 known movie directors: Ezio Greggio (director himself), Joe Dante (dying man on a street) and John Carpenter (Trenchcoat Man, appearing in the same scene as Dante), Rudy De Luca (Malicious Mel, the Checkout Maniac), 'John Landis' (qw) (FBI Agent; Landis himself is known for casting other directors in his movies) and Mel Brooks (checkout guest). Also Dom DeLuise, John Astin, Tony Cox and Peter DeLuise, while primarily associated with acting all worked as directors at least once at the time of filming which makes it 10. If we also take into consideration Billy Zane, Sal Landi, David DeLuise, Lance Kinsey, Daniel McVicar, Rino Piccolo and Jeff Celentano then the final number of directors seen in the movie is 17. It might seem out of the blue addition, but The Silence of the Lambs (1991), of which this movie is a parody also features a large number of directors in the cast and a number of 6 is usually drawn (although it is 7 if we count Jonathan Demme, director of the movie himself).
  • Thinner (1996) [tr2030226]:
    Dino De Laurentiis originally sought to produce this film in 1986 after completing Maximum Overdrive (1986), another Stephen King adaptation and sought to have Sam Raimi direct, Scott Spiegel write and 'Bob Tapert' (qb) produce but they were busy with writing Evil Dead II (1987), which Di Laurentiis would eventually produce.
  • The 13th Warrior (1999) [tr3223832]:
    Director Stuart Gordon first optioned the rights from Michael Crichton's book in the early 1990s and generated a lot of interest in the project, before 'Martha Coolidge' (QV) got interested before John McTiernan was ultimately actually hired to direct it...
  • Aftenlandet (1977) [tr3391943]:
    Title is inspired by 'Oswald Spengler'( qv) 's "Undergang des Abendlandes," known in English as :"The Decline of the West."
  • Auntie Sue (1989) [tr2192498]:
    Final acting role of 'Douglas Fairbanks, Jr' (q.v.).
  • Huang Fei Hong zhuan: Da po Ba Wang Zhuang (1949) [tr1913498]:
    This is the first continuation of the debut title of legendary Cantonese hero Wong Fei Hung as played by 'Kwan, Tak Hing' (cv).
  • Dick Van Dyke and the Other Woman (1969) [tr3580811]:
    Due in large part to the popularity and ratings this special generated, CBS offered 'Mary Tyler Moore' (q.v.) a TV series, which became the highly successful and much-loved eponymousr series.
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) [tr3347140]:
    The "Daily Prophet" photograph of the Weasley family in Egypt featured all nine members: parents Molly & Arthur (Julie Walters, Mark Williams), and *credited* offspring Ginny (Bonnie Wright), Ron (Rupert Grint), twins Fred and George (James Phelps and 'Oliver Phelps (I)' (qv )), and Percy (Chris Rankin). The two eldest Weasleys--Charlie (Richard Fish) and Bill (Alex Crockford, who was replaced by Domhnall Gleeson for the two "...Deathly Hallows" movies) were uncredited.
  • Kubanacan (2003) [tr2620487]:
    Adriana Esteves and 'Vladmir Brichta' (av) met on set and became a real life couple, and as of 2015 are married.
  • The Constant Gardener (2005) [tr3045825]:
    "I believe that all of the groundwork we did with the film committee in Loiyangalani was absolutely vital," said producer Simon Channing Williams. "It was all about building trust. We could have got permission from the local council to shoot there and just gone in and done it, but I believe that would have been dreadful and ultimately damaging. With Robin's ['Robin Hollister' qv)] help, I made sure that we established a relationship with Senior Chief Christopher, the local police inspector, and the entire community."
  • The Black Dahlia (2006) [tr2369255]:
    'Elizabeth Short (I)' (qc) had no middle name in real life, but she is referred to as Elizabeth Ann Short during the autopsy.
  • Declaration of Independence (2003) [tr2524876]:
    The cast includes eight Oscar winners: Kathy Bates', Benicio Del Toro', Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman (I)', 'Kevin Spacey' qv), Mel Gibson', Whoopi Goldberg and Renée Zellweger; and three Oscar nominees: Edward Norton, Winona Ryder and Graham Greene.
  • Dark Matter (2007) [tr1845739]:
    The events in this movie are loosely based on a shooting that occurred in 1991 on the Iowa City campus of the University of Iowa. The shooter, 28-year-old physicist 'Gang Lu' (qav), had recently received his PhD from the university's Physics and Astronomy Department, but believed that his failure to win a dissertation prize had kept him from getting a job as a professor. On November 1, 1991, he attended a departmental meeting, and shortly after the meeting started he shot three of his former professors and the winner of the prize he had wanted. He then walked to a different campus building and shot an administrator whom he felt had ignored his grievances, as well as a student employee in the grievance office. Gang Lu then committed suicide by shooting himself. All of the shooting victims died from their wounds except for the student employee, who was paralyzed from the neck down. She later died from inflammatory breast cancer, brought on by the condition of her paralyzation.
  • Sometimes That's Just the Way It Is (1999) [tr3652504]:
    The episode features actress 'Amanda Pays' (pv), of "The Flash" (pv) In the episode, Simon is concerned about his "Red Lightning" ring, modeled on the Green Lantern's ring, but bearing the logo of The Flash.
  • Sweet Sam (1962) [tr2451128]:
    As was the custom for Warner Brothers Westerns, several actors had appeared on other WB Westerns, notably Lawman (1958), which had ended a year earlier. Shorty, played by 'Dan Sheridan (I)' (QV) was a regular playing barkeep Jake, appearing 41 times. Sam, played by Robert McQueeney appeared in Lawman 4 times. Jingles, played by Richard Reeves and Drifter, played by Joseph Gallison each appeared three times. Cyrus, played by Denver Pyle appeared twice. Deputy Smith, played by Greg Benedict and Nestor, played by Brad Weston appeared once, it was Benedicts's first TV role. Sheridan had appeared on Cheyenne three times, and this was his final appearance prior to his death the following year in 1963.
  • I Do, I Don't (1986) [tr2575243]:
    First appearance of Reese Watson played by 'Hal Holbrook' (vp), husband to 'Dixie Carter' (vp).
  • Born to Run: Part 2 (1979) [tr0602445]:
    Released theatrically in England in September 1977; also known as 'Harness Fever' (TV) (1977) (q.v.)
  • The Ambassadors of Death: Episode 1 (1970) [tr2231049]:
    This story was initially developed to feature the Second Doctor and his last companions, Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot. As such, it was set well into the future, and did not include UNIT. When all three actors left the programme at the end of the sixth season, it was rewritten to fit the consequential revamp. 'David Whitaker' (I)(qV) proved incapable of writing for the incoming new format and cast, hence the contributions of Trevor Ray, Terrance Dicks and Malcolm Hulke. All concerned parties agreed to leave sole credit to Whitaker and this was the last Doctor Who (1963) serial with his name on it.
  • George and Louise in a Bind: Part 1 (1978) [tr2934120]:
    Final appearance of 'Zara Cully' (vp) as Mother Jefferson, albeit in archive footage. She died three days after this episode was broadcast.
  • Bubba's House Band (1989) [tr2243025]:
    Writer 'Manny Basanese' (vp) was hired after pitching this story of a rock band residing with the Harpers. Originally, the band members were male.
  • Bodyswap (1989) [tr3501143]:
    This is the second episode (after Queeg) that gave 'Chris Barrie' (I) (v) a chance to impersonate his fellow cast members, although this time only visually, taking on the mannerisms of both Craig Charles and (briefly) Danny John-Jules, while Charles and John-Jules both had a go at impersonating Barrie.
  • Confidence & Paranoia (1988) [tr1894150]:
    This episode was originally going to be the last of the first series, and would have ended with Kochanski being successfully resurrected. The BBC electrician strike had disrupted the series production, but this gave Rob Grant and 'Doug Naylor' (I) (v) time to reconsider an earlier unproduced script titled "Bodysnatcher", in which Lister and his duplicate hologram do not get along. They adapted that idea and changed the ending to have a duplicate of Rimmer resurrected instead.
  • Timeslides (1989) [tr3501170]:
    'Chris Barrie' (I) qv) also appears in one slide as Rimmer's Brother Frank Rimmer. It is a picture of Frank Rimmer's wedding which Lister manages to accidentally gatecrash, leading an annoyed Frank to repeatedly punch Lister in the stomach. It is interesting to note that Barrie's portrayal of Frank Rimmer is similar to his later portrayal of Ace Rimmer, the more successful, brave and popular version of Rimmer from a parallel dimension. This is most evident in Ace's accent as his voice is a more mid-atlantic version of the voice Barrie used to play Frank.
  • Move Along Home (1993) [tr2438230]:
    This episode marks the second and final appearance of George Primmin ('James Lashly' (q.v.)) on the series.
  • Move Along Home (1993) [tr3297494]:
    'Michael Piller' (q.v.) said that this episode was inspired by the episode "Checkmate" of The Prisoner.
  • Move Along Home (1993) [tr3297506]:
    'Terry Farrell' (q.v.) 's work on this episode prevented her from appearing in TNG: "Birthright, Part I", which was filmed around the same time. 'Siddig El Faduo' (q.v.) 's guest starred instead.
  • Move Along Home (1993) [tr3297509]:
    'Ronald D. Moore' (q.v.) stated that when he watched this episode prior to joining the DS9 writing staff, he was "wondering if everyone had lost their minds".
  • The Passenger (1993) [tr2438221]:
    'Morgan Gendel' (q.v.) scripted a song for Quark to sing, but decided not to use it.
  • The Passenger (1993) [tr2438223]:
    Chief O'Brien 'Colm Meaney' (q.v.) doesn't appear in this episode. It's explained (during the previous episode "Dax") that he's back on Earth with his wife, celebrating her mother's 100th birthday.
  • The Passenger (1993) [tr3297524]:
    In addition to appearing here, as Starfleet officer Lt. George Primmin, 'James Lashly' (q.v.) also portrayed Primmin In the DS9 episode: "Move Along Home", as well as Ensign Kopf in TNG: "Brothers".
  • Hotel for Dogs (2009) [tr2267274]:
    One of 3 movies in which Emma Roberts has co-starred with a female lead from the TV series Friends (1994). In Hotel for Dogs, she worked with Lisa Kudrow. She later worked with 'Courteney Cox' (qb) in Scream 4 (2011) and with Jennifer Aniston in We're the Millers (2013).
  • The Last Leaf (1977) [tr2885473]:
    A photograph of 'Mike Evans' (vp) (the original Lionel) with 'Berlinda Tolbert' (vp) sits on a table at the end of the hallway leading to George and Louise's bedroom.
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  • National Mama (1986) [tr2242659]:
    'Deanna Durbin' (vp) consented to use of her name, voice and song, "It's Raining Sunbeams."
  • GG 19 - Eine Reise durch Deutschland in 19 Artikeln (2007) [tr0679333]:
    While shooting episode 3, in which two men and a woman are trapped in a stuck elevator, the camera assistant 'Max Kleber' (pv) was trapped in the elevator himself and had to be rescued.
  • Mano po 5: Gua ai di (I love you) (2006) [tr0759654]:
    Mother Lily Y. Monteverde wanted 'Joel Lamangan' (qc) to direct this movie since he made three movie in the franchise. But since the director was then still doing another Metro Manila Filmfest entry, Zsa Zsa Zaturnah (2006), this movie was given to Jun Lana. When the cast was overhauled in the last week of September, Monteverde dropped Lana and tapped Lamangan to do the movie. Lamagan accepted the offer since he already finished the other project.
  • Mano po 5: Gua ai di (I love you) (2006) [tr0759724]:
    The movie was initially headline as Dennis Trillo - Angel Locsin movie. However, Dennis was "fired" from the project and was replaced by 'Richard Gutierrez (I)' (bv).
  • Doghouse (2009) [tr2089537]:
    Screenwriter 'Dan Schaffer (I)' (up) came up with the idea for the story after his girlfriend got sick.
  • L'immortel (2010) [tr1157430]:
    'Richard Berry' (av) originally wanted to hire James Newton Howard to compose the film's music, but eventually set his sights on Klaus Badelt after he was advised to listen to the music he composed for Anything for Her (2008). After meeting with Badelt and showing him the film when he learned the composer was in Paris, Berry was pleasantly surprised to hear him say that it was him who was asking to score the movie, not the other way around.
  • The Day of the Triffids (2009) [tr3718207]:
    28 Days Later... homages the scene with Bill Mason awakening in a hospital with 'Cillian Murphy' (q.v.) waking from a coma to discover the population of London have become zombies. They both include the line "I love you very much" and the book describes how each mutual disaster spread to Paris and New York, and sending out a signal to other survivors. In the book, Masen looks at the now defunct Houses of Parliament and there's a similar scene in 28 Days Later... after Jim wakes up from his coma. At the end of the film Jim, Selena and Hannah make a sign to attract an airplane, an idea suggested with a plane or a helicopter at the end of The Day of the Triffids.
  • Tamara Drewe (2010) [tr3034995]:
    'Stephen Frears' ( qv) was keen to work with Roger Allam again, having enjoyed directing him four years earlier in The Queen (2006).
  • Batman: Arkham City (2011) [tr3527885]:
    Right before you first encounter the Joker, near the steel mill on top of a nearby building you can find scarecrow's mask on a pile of straw. Showing he was not killed by Killer Croc. This foreshadows his return in _Batman: Arkham knight (2015) (VG)_ ( qv).
  • The 83rd Annual Academy Awards (2011) [tr1426860]:
    'Darren Aronofsky' qv) was originally attached to direct The Fighter (2010), but left to direct The Wrestler (2008) and was replaced by David O. Russell. At the 2011 Oscars, Aronofsky and Russell competed for the Best Director Oscar for Black Swan (2010) and The Fighter (2010).
  • New Year's Eve from Las Vegas 1 (2010) [tr1413241]:
    Though 'Charlie O'Donnell (I)' (QV) was present and announced this week of shows when they were taped in July 2010 (along with the rest of the Las Vegas episodes from Season 28), the producers decided to have Jim Thornton dub over Charlie's original voice overs.
  • Garbage Island (2011) [tr1589831]:
    It can be seen on the coffee mug Robin is holding while talking to Barney, is from Tim Hortons. The popular Canadian coffee shop. 'Cobie Smulders' (gv) and her character Robin are from Canada.
  • Big Ass Spider! (2013) [tr2054196]:
    As one of many inside jokes, producers Shaked Berenson and 'Patrick Ewald' (qav) doubled for lead actors Greg Grunberg and Lombardo Boyar. Three of these shots ended up in the final cut.
  • The Demon Within (2011) [tr3541050]:
    Ilana mentions a 'Prince Simon of Duran'. This is a reference to 'Simon Le Bon' qv), lead singer of 80s pop band Duran Duran.
  • Heart Monitor (2011) [tr2200061]:
    The character of Jackson is supposed to be ailing from a werewolf scratch given to him by Derek a few episodes before. Despite having make-up applied, 'Colton Haynes' (qV) still looked too healthy so CGI was used to make him look ill.
  • Pilot (2012) [tr2142332]:
    Three of the actors in this show's pilot portrayed recurring characters on the television show, 24 (2001). Kathleen Gati (Raisia) along with Paul Blackthorne and 'Roger R. Cross' (av) who portray Police partners Quentin Lance and Hilton Lucas. However none of their characters ever crossed paths in the duration of the show.
  • Spectre (2015) [tr3667237]:
    'Writing's on the Wall' became the fifth Bond song to be nominated for an Academy Award. The others in this elite club are Paul McCartney and Wings' 'Live and Let Die', 'Carly Simon''s 'Nobody Does It Better' from _The Spy Who Loved Me_, 'Sheena Easton' ( qv)'s 'For Your Eyes Only' and 'Adele''s 'Skyfall'.
  • The Last Date (1998) [tr1813870]:
    Actors George Harris and Stephen Hope-Wynne were approached by Writer Director Trevor Meborough-Collinson to star in his first budgeted two-hander short film 'The Last Date' (gb). Trevor and Stephen met at Raindance Film Festival (gb) in London, UK introduced by Elliot Grove founder of Raindance Film Festival (gb) and British Independent Film Awards (gb). Trevor and Tessa Meborough-Collinson formed IBO Film (gb) and produced The Last Date (gb) as well as helping Elliot Grove to launch the first of many British Independent Film Awards (gb) events. Stephen and George remain friends and in contact with Elliot Grove of Raindance Film Festival (gb) and BIFA's (gb).
  • Duniya (2007) [tr2023730]:
    'Duniya Vijay' (q.v) who acted in small roles made his debut as a lead actor in this movie.
  • Duniya (2007) [tr2023732]:
    'Rashmi (IX)' (q.v) made her debut as an actress in the lead role.
  • The BFG (2016) [tr3045561]:
    The environments created on the vast stages of the warehouse needed to do much more than solely accommodate the vastly different scales of the characters. Production Designer Rick Carter and his team worked especially hard to ensure that the environments in which the performances unfolded were as beautiful, frightening and rich as possible. Weta Digital's 'Joe Letteri' (qc) explains: "When [actor] Mark Rylance is on set and performing, he's performing in a facsimile of his real world, in his cave with his fireplace and table, his chair and the boat in which he sleeps."
  • The Play Button (2014) [tr2221196]:
    The Play Button is partly based on 'Gage Allen's' (pv) experiences, as well as the experiences of many Youtubers who have not received the recognition they deserve for the hard work they put into their videos.
  • Reservoir Dugs (2013) [tr3295629]:
    This version doesn't have a reference to pop singer 'Madonna' (qy) or her song "Like a Virgin".
  • Where Is Einstein's Brain? (2001) [tr3599948]:
    Allen Trebek is used from game show hosts 'Allen Ludden' (gv) and 'Alex Trebek' (gv).
  • Paralysis (2017) [tr3504796]:
    The alien that is played by producer 'Vincent Salvano' (qt) was called Woody Alien on set.
  • Da zhen shen huo sang (2019) [tr3588070]:
    Popular Nanai-Chinese film & TV star 'Han, Geng' (QV) replaces 'Kun Chen' (QV) in the title role originally cast for 'Andy Lau' (QV).

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...and once again we have proof that ljdoncel is completely unrivalled when it comes to revealing all the secrets that are hidden in the data!
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Data mic drop there, ljdoncel ;) 

Have you got a list of the badly formatted qv links that were found in the trivia section, preferably split on each line? e.g.
etc etc.

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Thank you very much everyone for your compliments!

Hey, Will, I don't know if I've understood your request correctly. I believe you want me to try to get a list of wrong markup particles, rather than the correct ones ' (qv) [for names] and _ (qv) [for titles]. This is not an easy task, but I think that I've caught most of them.

I've looked into the trivia section for titles and, since I am on the subject, also for names...



I hope that's what you were expecting. If not, please let me know...

Very warm greetings from Spain!
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Gah, the complexity of the query means that I can't bulk edit these, unfortunately this will require manual editing which we cannot prioritize at present. Hopefully another dedicated contributor will be able to take up the baton on this one. 
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No problemo, Will. There are not too many instances, so I'll take care of them myself. When I finish I will post here the contribution numbers...
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It took me longer than I expected because I had to look for the nmconsts and ttconsts one by one... (argh), but ultimately I've submitted updates to correct every instance listed above (349 entries corrected by 232 individual contributions).

Here are the contribution numbers:

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That looks like a massive amount of work, as did the data mining and the dual presentations of the mining results.

Thank you for doing all that!
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ljdoncel, that is super impressive!
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Your data analysis skills frequently amazes and delights me.
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I also wonder how you manage that all of your submissions are getting approved and not declined.
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That's why I didn't understand it. QV predates me contributing to imdb.