What would this credit go under? "a short film by xyz"

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So there is this short film:

It's less than 2 minutes long so go ahead and watch it.

It already has an IMDB page:

Now look at the credits on-screen for the film:
 A short film by Dan Markowitz
Music by Petite Viking
Sound Effects from www.sounddogs.com
2011 (copyright)

But that's it, nothing else.

So it makes me ask the question; how is "a short film by xyz" normally displayed on IMDB? Is this director? Producer?

I understand the guy who made this obviously "peformed every possible job function involved with making a 2 minute short film including animator, editor, caterer (hey look he supplied his own lunch!)", but it's not how he is credited on screen so I'm curious what the IMDB proper title would be for the situation.

Oddly enough, whoever edited or made this page to begin with gave him a laundry list of credits:
http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4487161/?ref_=tt_ov_dr (that's 13 total credits for a 2 minute short film where he is credited on-screen 1 time)

Even assuming that leaving those 13 credits on his page was acceptable, wouldn't most (12) of them at least warrant an (uncredited) tag?

And than there's 2 other people on the credits list on IMDB who aren't credited on-screen:
Justin Corbett ... construction grip
Desiree Brown ... location assistant (2011)

(those should be tagged uncredited too? assuming they are even true)

Anyway; I mainly wanted to know what job/title goes with "a film by xyz" when its their only visible on-screen credit.
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There was a recent discussion about similar cases at Contributors Help. See the reply from staff, which indicates that it is preferred to list the credit under Other Crew, with any other relevant functions listed as uncredited.

Personally, in the case you bring up, I think I would have preferred to list him as the director and nothing else. But maybe you can get a verdict from staff about the specific case.
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The discussion Peter links to is wider than your question - because you really only have one name to work with and, in this case, if that one name is put into "misc crew" with the job of "film by" then we don't need to worry because that film would not be accepted through the new title form....although if you did as Peter suggests and only put him as director, then ditto the film would not be accepted onto IMDb.

This is just my opinion, but I have watched and added many short films where they are one-man productions (particularly short animations from students which then go on festivals or online), and my norm is to take the assumptions that this single name would have performed the main tasks that one could reasonable expect to have taken place.

So, for example, writer, editor, director. Producer is more of a guess since that role is more general and not necessarily a "thing" that is done whereas editing would be, if you see the difference.

However, I wouldn't extend that theory into infinity; so I would not add the one name to every possible role just for the sake of it.....

note: I am not staff nor in any way affiliated with IMDb