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IMDB deleted the comment section
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Posted 1 year ago

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Hi Jack,

What do you call the "comment" section?
If you are referring to the discussion board, it was removed a couple of years ago.
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If you are referring to the discussion board, it was removed a couple of years ago
Like: Col Needham, Official Rep
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by Col Needham, Official Rep
Posted 2 years ago
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Boards Closure FAQ

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As Vincent said the discussion boards were, sadly, removed two years ago. If enough people demand they be brought back, they might listen but I asked for them and they refused to bring them back
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There aren't enough. They won't respect them Period.
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The IMDb company is not ready to implement and manage a replacement bulletin board system, such as a board for each IMDb title page. Just managing the contribution-related stuff (which needs to be the primary focus of IMDb staff) barely goes smoothly. There are lots of technical limitations to be overcome, lots of errors to be sorted out and lots of fraud/libel to be policed. Nobody seems to have clear vision about how to mitigate the implied burden.
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I Need To Know

Boards Closure FAQ
by Col Needham
Wed Feb 8 2017 00:00:24

Re: Boards Closure FAQ
by Jeorj Euler
Wed Feb 8 2017 00:44:07 Flag
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IMDb member since November 2000
Could a staffer please supply a list of all URLs to titles and names
found within the database?
The approach entertained in /board/bd0000001/view/265787442
is not viable due to very specific obstacles.

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Mohit Mago

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Hi, when I click on I need to know it takes me there but everything else I click on just takes me to the imdb front-page. 

Whats missed about discussion forums immensely is the ability to speak freely and talk about movies, actors, stars, tv shows, episodes etc etc in a good format. get satisfaction is very hard to use and theres some people allowed to chat about movies and tv shows but not others and too much censorship, I've had two of my questions just removed n deleted. yeah 
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Vincent Fournols

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there is no such thing as some people being "allowed to chat about movies and tv shows but not others" on this forum. Or can you point to such evidence?

I acknowledge that some topics are removed, sometimes for no obvious reason (I remember yesterday a Norwegian contributor who did not understand why https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4971344/reference was showing with a French title, when against all odds, the movie is actually French... His question has disappeared)
But I do not remember being notified of questions of yours lately, which were later removed.

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Mohit Mago : March 8
Hi, when I click on I need to know it takes me there
but everything else I click on just takes me to the imdb front-page
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Ah yes, the Old ones....

http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000001/threads/ : I Need To Know

Takes you to ...


Not the IMDb Boards. ;-(


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