Why has my question in the IMDB community just been deleted twice?

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I want to know about the Japanese show Tabi No Chikara  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2193116/?ref_=tt_ov_inf

To me it looks like it has multiple problems with regards to the genre, the crew, the titles, the English titles, and most of all the filming locations (which is what I was specifically asking about), but as I don't understand Japanese I can't find anything about this show.

I've asked the question about it's film locations in detail, but it got deleted.

So I posted the same question again, with additional questions about the genre, the crew, whether the titles are correct, what it's English titles are, and does it even have film locations, but again it got deleted.

Does this show even exist? And why do you keep deleting my question?
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Posted 10 months ago

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Here's my deleted question for the 3rd time:

What is the TV series "Tabi no chikara"? Is it an anime cartoon? Is it a kid's show which features cartoons? Does it have filming locations?

I've just come across the TV series "Tabi no chikara" while looking for "filming locations".

Apparently the episode titled 'Shi' ga ataetekureru chikara o sagashite was filmed in "Leeds" and "Wetherby".

The TV series claims to be a talk show, but going by the description, and the image, it looks like it's just an anime cartoon. If it is simply an anime cartoon, then how exactly could it have "filming locations"?

I used Google translate to find out what the title of the series and episode mean.

Tabi no chikara came up with nothing and suggested it was changed to Tabi no Chika-ra which translated as Tabi's ecstasy.

 'Shi' ga ataetekureru chikara o sagashite also came up with nothing and suggested it was changed to ’ Shi’ ga ataete kureru Chika-ra o-sa ga shite which then translated as 'し' will be appreciated so please find it. Then it came up with another suggestion for ’ Shi’ ga ataete kureru chikara o sagashite which translated as Search for the power that 'shi' gives.

I searched Google for the Japanese names, the English names, and the words "Leeds" and "Wetherby" and found nothing to suggest any Japanese anime shows or childrens shows were filmed or produced in and around Leeds.

For some reason the 1st time I posted this question it didn't post, or was deleted by someone, so I'll expand on some other problems with this TV series which doesn't seem to exist.

Where are the crew credits ie directors, producers, editors etc?
Why are all the cast listed as themselves or narrators if it's an anime show?
Where are the English titles?
Why does it have random locations around the world listed as filming locations?

Is this show even real? 

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Maybe it was a glitch in the spam detection mechanism.

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