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I went to go look up actor Casey Sanders, to see if that was him in the just-aired episode of Agent Carter. The most recent credit his IMDB page lists is for Grace Under Fire "(1993-2015)". Clearly this is wrong, because GUF went off the air in 1998. Clicking on the link for the show, I see that the first four actors are also listed as having worked on GUF through 2015. Is this some kind of bug or glitch? I didn't want to go in and change the info because I wasn't quite sure how long each of those four actors were on GUF.
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There is an odd, unknown, episode added with little information included http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5264032/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast

I would assume that someone didn't know what they were doing and tried adding it.  I am not familiar with the show and don't know if there was something related to the show that first aired then but a lot seems to have happened that year.  Contracts with distributors, dvd release, etc., so I guess something might have aired...but my guess it's a mistake and should be removed.

Sander (note there's no "s" at the end) last appreared, otherwise, in 1998.

Not knowing for sure, I don't have a recommendation but would assume it should just be deleted.

See: How do I correct or delete a title?

I'd suggest waiting for more replies as there has to be someone more familiar with the show out there.
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This situation demonstrates that there needs to be some kind of "plausibility check" when a new episode of a TV series is added whose date is long after the preceding episode of the series.

We just saw this last week when there was an episode of "The Gene Autry Show" added to the database with a date 58 years after the show's preceding episode, and 16 years after Autry died. (https://getsatisfaction.com/imdb/topics/how-do-i-get-an-episode-of-a-show-deleted) It was actually a Gene Autry theatrical film that had been mistakenly added to the series.

And a couple of years ago, someone started adding 1940s theatrical Superman cartoons as though they were 2013 episodes of the live-action series "Adventures of Superman" which ran only from 1952 to 1958. (http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000042/nest/219641618?d=220038510#220038510)

Granted, some shows have indeed had a large gap in episode release dates. But when that actually happens, the contributor should be asked to provide an explanation. (See http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0059753/trivia?item=tr2731952, for example.)

In the case of this "Grace Under Fire" episode, my guess is that the contributor simply made an error, but in any event this 2015 episode of a series that ended 17 years ago should not have been accepted without a full explanation.
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Thanks for the comments, I have passed them along to our title editors, they will also take a look at this episode listing and will take the appropriate actions, either adding the correct dates or removing the episode altogether.
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Just following-up here to confirm that the incorrect 2015 episode has been removed from the TV Series. Cheers!

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