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Performance Updates

We've been busy tuning up the website and trying to work out a few kinks that have been plaguing the website lateley. We're trying to find any way we can to squeeze more performance out the website and improve reliability.

We're overwhelmed by the success of Image Spark in the short amount of time the website has been live and we're working hard to ensure the website can handle the load.

We will be testing out the improvements over the next couple of weeks and will be launching the updates soon.
  • We rolled out the updates this afternoon. Things are still a little buggy but we'll get things ironed out in the next couple of days.

    The updates haven't helped speed things up like we had hoped, but I'm going to try and optimize a few things to squeeze a bit more speed out of the system.

    Aside from code tweaks and database optimization we added a new feature which you may not have noticed, the new fullscreen moodboards. When you edit or view a moodboard it will now open in a new window giving you far more real estate to work with. We also have one other small new feature which we are testing out, and hopefully we'll be able to share soon.
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