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taxonomy question?

I'm running into problems trying to weed out my query - I used keywords that focus around running, trail running, marathon running, ultramarathon, etc...but I see things like movie and Tv marathons for individuals shows, something difficult to include for exclusions each....can you help?
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  • Hey Nicholas- thanks for the note!

    In the short term, negative match keywords (ie marathon -tv) are the best we can do. I know that is a total bummer for keywords like marathon that have many different usages that are all relatively high volume.

    In the not too distance future (weeks) we'll have a smarter system of analyzing the intent of the campaigns in place. You'll give us your list of running words and the system will know the difference between a running marathon and a "Jersey Shore" marathon. I'll definitely let you know when that is ready to rock.

    In the meantime, if you want to email me your keywords we can take a track at trying to set up all the exlusions for you so that you don't need to do the heavy lifting. I'm at

    BTW- thanks for being a part of the initial alpha over the last several weeks. I'd love to catch up when you have some time and get your feedback/thoughts.

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