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erikluyten (Online Marketing Manager) April 05, 2011 19:09

Incubate 2011, the artwork and website preview (tips appreciated!)


Incubate loves to hear your opinion on everything we do. So, why shouldn't we ask you to check what you think of the current developments?
Our art director Ingo Oszkinat and Tim Schellekens are working really hard to get the artwork for Incubate 2011 ready. That includes designs for posters, flyers, the festival guide and the official festival-website . We already saw the first results, but really like to share them with you. In this thread.

If you'd like to share your comments on the designs, you can do that right here . We really appreciate it. WE are Incubate.

First Incubate 2011 poster

Homepage proposal for the Incubate 2011 website
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