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I’m excited!
Siobhan (Official Rep) March 15, 2011 02:10

Experts agree, get inFlow version 2.3!

The inFlow team has been hard at work and it's time once again to release the new and improved inFlow to the public! Thank you to all our customers who participated in the beta test and helped to make this the best version of inFlow yet! This release incorporates the changes which have been addressed over the past few beta's as well as as few new features to make it even easier to use inFlow. This time we're concentrating on making the features you're already using even better! With improvements to imports as well as reporting (there are 3 new reports available) and speeding up operations like transferring stock.

There are plenty more exciting improvements to the program so head on over to and check out the full release notes here:

To download now, visit the download page: