Multiple stocks sizes of the same product

Is it possible for inflow system to manage muliple item measurements for a single product i.e i need to be be able to see Product code (Carpet type), number of rolls in stock (say 3 rolls) measurement specifically length and width of each of these 3 rolls, total square meters of carpet in stock - Is this possible on this system?
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  • Siobhan (Official Rep) March 05, 2012 15:07
    Hi Gary,

    What we have for measurements is twofold:

    1. Units of Measure - Like if you purchase an item in rolls (i.e. 3 rolls) and stock it in feet (let's say 100ft per roll). This will allow you to convert from rolls to stock (i.e. this means that you have 300ft when you buy 3 rolls).

    2. Measurements - Which usually correspond to your standard unit of measure. That means that in the example above you'd be providing the measurements for 1ft of that material (i.e. length = foot, width = foot and a half?, height = 1/2" etc.)

    I hope that helps to clarify! It's really going to come down to what you need to track and how you intend to sell your items. Unfortunately the system doesn't calculate square footage at the moment, my apologies.
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