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Photo of steve
Sales and reports not adding up
Got a problem with reports,I've done a product summary report and it's saying sold more than I have.Couple of samples I went through sale...
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Photo of Michael
Memory Hogging
Inflow service - hogging memoryAs of a week ago, our InFlow server started taking up all the memory available on the server (nearly 4GB)....
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Photo of steve
Same products but 2 depots?
Hi been using this software for a while now and its great,now we have opened another depot up which sells all the same products as our fi...
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Photo of The Rocking Bull
easy query builder
Hello, I'm trying to connect to the SQL DB with this program. But whatever I try, I keep getting error messages.. Anybody here t...
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Photo of kitan
item picture in sales quote
Is it possible that in sales quotations, you can also print the picture of the item? Since in the product info you can attach a picture o...
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