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Photo of steve
Same products but 2 depots?
Hi been using this software for a while now and its great,now we have opened another depot up which sells all the same products as our fi...
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Photo of nosherwanh
invoiced date error
Why does this happen? a few of my sales orders don't show invoice dates even though they are paid. how can I avoid this because i have to...
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Photo of saqib
Payable Report
Is there any report which provides information regarding payable and advances received from customers.
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Photo of LeonarceT
utilizing keyboard shortcut
Is it possible to customize shortcut or enable it for some tasks that are repetitive? For example F1 for new purchase order, F2 for PO...
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Photo of Joe Santoro
Custom Report weirdness
I'm using in flow for our book store, and I have a custom report which gives me all the inventory items for a particular vendor.   For so...
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