New "Following Feed" a great feature... for stalkers and spammers

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the new following feed is too intrusive without limits. People should be able to turn this feature off if they do not want to be included in someone esle's feed. What i say to one person has nothing to do with the thousands of others that might be following them. this needs to change ASAP. Plenty of people are already having issues with stalkers on IG, this seems like a great avenue for those stalkers to continue. ....not to mention spammers and trolls.
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Posted 9 years ago

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Ana Cristina

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yes, please do smth about it:)
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Steve H

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I sent this to feedback, as I don't like this update either. "The new ability to see what other people are commenting on completely discourages open communication in my opinion. If you have the ability to analyze it, I bet you'd see that comment volume has gone down on a relative basis. Frankly that might go for 'likes' as well. I recommend you remove that immediately or give users control of whether they want their comments publicly shown in that new update feed."
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Amir Fallah

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! In my opinion recent News sysyem[following part], without any control for users just affect privacy and it's obviously decreasing amount of likes and activity of the members!! It was not a good idea because it turned application to Facebook with less control over privacy!!
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I should have the option to opt in/out of this feature. If I want to share something personal with a fellow IG'er it will now be broadcast to a lot of people!
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I like the feature in the update! If you want to make private comments send an email or text. The feature provides kids and teenagers protection from predators.
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GB: Can you you explain how the new update "protects" your child from a predator?

What if your child is not as careful with personal information as he or she should be? Then that information is now broadcast to EVERY person following him or her, surely more of hazard in my mind.

Regardless of the update it's important to have a "hands on" policy in terms of monitoring under age usage online. I wouldn't feel good letting my kid be anywhere online without ultra detailed oversight--and there are programs available to make that process easier.

Many IGers with families don't like the update. A lot of us would like to have a basic say in how we express ourselves. We are only asking for a "toggle" to decide whether or not we want to keep our comments from going en mass to EVERYONE who follows us.

There are many incarnations of expression on IG. Not every one is suited to mass distribution. Keep in mind, most social online applications provide a private way to talk. In this case we only want to have some of the previous functionality back, not a totally private stream.