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Photo of Nate Maggio
Suggest to go popular!
I would love to be able to nominate something to go popular. I don't have a lot of followers (yet! Telling all my iPhone friends about th...
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Photo of Jim Barraud
View friend's likes and comments
I'd like to see photos that the people I follow are liking and commenting on show up in my news stream. Not necessarily "alerted" to them...
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Photo of Jack Howell
What a great little app.
Despite a couple of bugs and "missing" (intentionally absent) features I'm really happy this works so well right out of the gate. It lite...
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Photo of Bryan
Control Over Default Flickr Tags
Give default-tag control for Flickr posting. I'd like to set a default tag set in addition to the defaults you guys setup.
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Photo of Andrew Cohen
We Want All 5MP!
High res images to Flickr would be nice. Most iPhone camera apps post high res images using all 5mp and it'd be a hugeeeee thing if this ...
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