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Oh no! I forgot to sign up for the Rally before I rode for my Y.

Because of the fundraising element of the Rally for the Y challenge, it's important that riders explicitly sign up for the Rally before they start logging miles. Only the miles that you ride after you have signed up for the challenge will count.

Sometimes people make mistakes and forget to sign up for the Rally before riding. If you thought that you were riding in the Rally but forgot to sign up ahead of time then we can backfill your miles. Please provide your Expresso first and last name and the team you are riding for on this thread and we will backfill your mileage.
  • I’m extremely thankful
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Dean Smith, Chambersburg PA YMCA. Let me know if you need my login and password info. You can double check the number of miles that I rode in February because it shows up on the Ghost Buster Challenge. I thought I was signed up for the Y Challenge as well, but when our team captain printed out where everyone was standing, I didn't see my name at which point I realized my mistake. I contacted Ruben Ponz but he said this had to be corrected via the Marketing Department, and it looked like I needed to pull up every ride since February 1, but the bike would only show me my most recent results. Please let me know if you can correct my error.
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