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Sync Carts, back-up/restore/update questions

Does anyone use the StoryKit app on multiple iPads (with multiple users) and then restore/update all apps from one iPad back-up? I was wondering if this creates problems for the stories created on the individual iPads? Any advise on the topic of Sync carts and back-up/restore/update with regards to StoryKit is welcome!
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  • Hi Jennifer,

    Do I understand correctly that Sync Carts allows you to sync multiple iPads from a single backup, essentially cloning the contents of the one iPad onto the rest? I had never heard of Sync Carts before now, but it looks great!

    I've never tried this, so I can't say for sure, but I would expect it to work. None of the internal data stored by StoryKit on the device is specific to the device. However, to be prudent, you'd probably want to give it a test run.

    Please do let us know what you learn.

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