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Q2012R5 Advanced Budgeting much better - unique monthly values

First, to me, R5 advanced budgeting is a significant improvement over earlier Q 2012s. THANK YOU.
1) I thought in an early 2012 advanced budgeting UI, each of the monthly budget entries was open so that I could enter unique values for each month. Maybe I was mistaken. For some items like heating/cooling (gas/electric) they vary substantially on a seasonal basis. Other expenses like insurance premiums, taxes, etc. only occur in specific months. Please allow a period=manual or similar mechanism that would allow unique values to be entered for each month. Budgeting the expenses in the month that they occur allows much more meaningful cashflow/shortage projections. In earlier years, this was easy.
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  • NEVER MIND... MY MISTAKE... it is already there... The amount dropdown can be set to "specific"... which is exactly what I was seeking.
    I guess in R4 and earlier, if there were not expenditures for the category in the last 1-3 months, I guess it set the amount dropdown to "specific" and the open the monthly amount cells entry.
    Now it looks like if there is spending within the last 12 months, it sets the amount dropdown to "average" and locks the monthly values... I freaked but it is easy to unlock/enter the monthly amounts by setting the amount dropdown to specific.
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