Block Rocker Bluetooth gone bad! No support from Ion!!

Purchased a Block Rocker IPA56B on 7-11-2013. Have used it no more than 10 times at home. July 4th weekend, we went camping. Turned the Block Rocker on and the Bluetooth would not work. After pressing the disconnect button many times and trying everyone's phone out to make sure it wasn't my phone, it still did not work! This was the only source of good volume music we had, so we had to drive 45 minutes into the closest town to buy an auxiliary cord because we needed music. Called Ion customer support yesterday, 7/11/2014 and spoke with a tech and described my problem. He said that was unusual and is the first time he has had a call regarding the Bluetooth not working. I was under the impression that the Block Rocker had a one year warranty. I was mistaken! If you buy it outside of the USA, it comes with a one year warranty. If you buy it within the USA, you only get a 90 day warranty?? So, the part needed to replace the defective Bluetooth module is out of stock. I would have to replace it myself by opening up the front panel which I'm sure I can do. When the part becomes available (sometime next week) it would be shipped out to me for $60 including shipping! Hmmm....I paid $150 for this! This unit should have lasted longer than a year especially since I only used it not more than 10 times since I've owned it! I baby my things and it still looks brand new! I received no apology or any type of consideration from Ion. I am very angry and disappointed at Ion. Needless to say, I will never, ever purchase another Ion product and I will be sure to inform my 1500 plus Facebook friends to stay away from any Ion products.
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  • Hello Hector,

    I would like to help. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Did you try another bluetooth device besides your phone? Sometimes forgetting your bluetooth network then resetting your phone and going back to reconnect to your speaker from your phone typically resolves your symptoms. What other type of bluetooth devices were you using on your camping trip? Have you tried using multiple bluetooth devices since your trip to see if it'll connect? If so, did they connect?

    You are correct regarding our warranty process, the time frame and the availability of the part. Since you purchased the speaker almost a year ago, you would be out of warranty.
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