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Connect Ion TTUSB turnable to speakers - for dummies

how can I connect my ion TTUSB turntable to powered speakers? I have no knowledge of audio eequipment so I need a 'for dummies' answer to this. The speakers have an input socket that takes a cable ending in a pair of jacks, red and white. This cable cam with the speakers. At the other end of this cable is a single jack like a headphone jack.

There is a cable coming out of the turntable that ends in a pair of red/white jacks. I can't see the turntable end of that cable as it's wired in.
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    What kind of speakers are you using with your TTUSB?

    In order to connect your TTUSB to powered speakers, you will need to connect the turntable to a stereo receiver. When connecting your TTUSB to a stereo receiver, make sure you connect RCA cables from the turntable to a line-level input on the back of your receiver. This may be labeled as AUX, CD, or Tape. Please be careful not to connect your TTUSB to a phono-level input, as this will damage the turntable's built-in preamp.
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