I’m frustrated, curious

Dunk speaker will not connect to Bluetooth

IC: 10541A-ISP74

Sound through the AUX input is fully operational, but I bought it for the Bluetooth function.
BUT; the Bluetooth is not working.

I can properly pair my phone (OnePlus3, Androd 8.0, OxygenOS 5.0) to my newly bought DUNK black.
Iv'e also tried with a Samsung phone, latest updates as well.

Dunk is at full volume, and so is the phone.
When I've connected to DUNK, is shows "Connected (no media)"
If i try to activate media sound, it's only active for half a second. No media again.

Iv'e tried restarting the DUNK and my phone.
Forgetting the DUNK in Bluetooth menu, and pair afterwards does not do the trick either.

Are there some firmware update for the DUNK I'm missing, or does it have a faulty Bluetooth module? Is it possible to access the Bluetooth module, and resetting it entirely? (Erase former pairs from the store)

Regards Christian Jacobsen
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