iCade won't power on

I tried to use my iCade cabinet today only to find that it wouldn't power on- the light on the coin slot did not come on and the iPad did not recognize it over Bluetooth. I swapped out the batteries, but still no luck. Is there any other troubleshooting I can do before tossing it? It hardly seems worth sending it out for repair given that a new unit is not that expensive.

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    Thanks for posting Bill. Since you swapped out the batteries and it is still not powering on then you'll need to unfortunately service your iCade. The iCade is only powered by 2 AA batteries. Also, ensure that you performed the steps below.

    1. After assembling iCade, raise the flap on top of the cabinet, place an iPad* (not included) into the cradle in the cabinet so it fits securely, then lower the flap.
    2. Turn on the iPad and go to
    Settings > General > Bluetooth.**
    3. Slide the Bluetooth slider to "On."
    4. Hold down the bottom 4 buttons and the top white button (6, 8, 0, and both Enter buttons) simultaneously for 4 seconds then release them. The coin slot on the front of iCade will flash.
    5. On the iPad, "ION iCade Game Controller" will appear as a Bluetooth device (not paired). Tap to select it.
    6. The iPad will display a passcode. Refer to the control mapping (at the top of this poster or on the underside of iCade's cabinet flap), and use the controls to enter the passcode. When finished, press one of iCade's white buttons.
    7. iCade's coin slot will be lit, and the iPad will show the iCade as "Connected."

    • iCade has no power switch. It is powered on anytime you are moving its controls.
    • After a period of inactivity, iCade will enter "power saver" mode. To wake it up, simply move any of its controls. Both iCade and the iPad will turn on again.
    • When iCade's batteries are low, the coin slot will flash. Replace the batteries. (You can also purchase a power adapter for iCade from www.ionaudio.com.)
    • After iCade is connected to the iPad as a Bluetooth device, you can remove the iPad, move it to another location, turn it off, etc. Next time you want to use iCade with the same iPad, they will automatically pair when they are within range of each other.
    • To use iCade with a different iPad – or to re-establish a manually deactivated Bluetooth connection – repeat the INITIAL SETUP step
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