I’m Confused and upset.

ION Max LP Turntable only plays one side of records?

I bought my wife one for Xmas and she's succesfully tried a handful of records. Recently she bought a new re-issue of the Labyrinth soundtrack and side 1 will play, but side 2 doesn't turn. The turntable seems to be turning, but the record on top will not spin.

She thought perhaps the disc was warped so asked for a replacement, but encountered the same problem, so she asked for a third replacement, same problem again. I tried a 1970s Black Sabbath print on the player incase it was a faulty print run and again side 1 played perfectly and side 2 simply didn't turn, even though the turntable was spinning UNDERNEATH the record.

We've since tried all 4 records on other players and they've worked fine both sides. This is extremely confusing and upsetting, especially since the player hasn't moved off of the same surface since Xmas Day and has been treated with care.
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