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IPA76C - Battery won't charge or power unit

Battery indicator says it is 3/4 charged and blinks the 100% light but when I unplug it from the wall and turn it on, the unit will not power up. Brand new, just received a week ago and tried battery power for the first time. Stupid because I needed this for a festival coming up in 2 weeks.
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  • Hello,

    I would like to help you out.  It sounds like you may need to replace the battery on the Block Rocker.  To order a new battery, parts and accessories for your ION Audio product, email parts@ionaudio.com, or call ION Audio’s Parts Department at 401-658-3131 ext. 1403, 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM EST.  

    The ION Audio Tailgater, Block Rocker, Job Rocker, Explorer and Party series products come with a user-replaceable rechargeable battery. The battery panel is either located on the side or bottom of the unit. If for any reason the battery needs to be replaced, this panel allows customers to replace the battery without the need to bring it to a professional. This guide below walks through what type of battery these products use, how to obtain one if necessary, and how to physically replace it.

    Please read the following article on care for your Lead-Acid Battery. 


    Rechargeable lead-acid batteries are the same type used in automobiles. As with your car battery, how you use this battery has a significant impact on its lifespan. For example, if you forget to turn off your car's lights and drain the battery, a jump start might work a few times. But after a few full discharges, even a jump won't help and the battery will need to be replaced. With proper use and treatment, a lead-acid battery can last for years. Here are some recommendations for getting the longest life from the internal battery. 


    • Fully charge the battery before using it 
    • Avoid completely draining the battery 
    • For maximum life, drain the battery 80% once a month 
    • Charge the battery completely after each use 
    • When fully charged, the battery may be left for up to a week 
    • You may leave the unit plugged in for up to two weeks 


    • Avoid storing in high temperatures and moist places 
    • For long-term storage, periodically recharge the battery 
    • If you do not charge the battery for six months, it may not charge 


    • Bring the unit to a recycling center or dispose of in accordance with local ordinances 

    ION TAILGATER and BLOCK ROCKER (2010) User-Replaceable Battery

    All ION Audio TAILGATER and BLOCK ROCKER units produced in 2010 and later feature an easy-access battery compartment, which allows the battery to be replaced by customers in the field.

    2010 and newer BLOCK ROCKER units can be identified by the recessed plastic carry handles on the side of the enclosure.  Earlier units featured metal hinged handles.                      
    Before you begin

    Only use an approved replacement battery which meets the specifications provided by ION Audio.  To order parts and accessories for any ION Audio product, email parts@ionaudio.com or call ION Audio at 401-658-3131 ext. 1403, 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM EST
    Replacing the battery on a TAILGATER or 2010 or newer model BLOCK ROCKER

    1. First, locate the battery-access panel on the side of the TAILGATER or BLOCK ROCKER.  It is secured by 4 Phillips-head screws. 
    2. Remove the 4 screws which secure the panel, allowing the panel cover to be removed, giving you access to the battery compartment.
    3. Next, slide the battery out to reveal the connection wires.              

    IMPORTANT: Note how the terminals on the battery are connected.  The red connector is connected to the red positive terminal.  The other connector (blue or black) is connected to the black negative terminal. The replacement battery must be connected the same way.  Failure to connect to the correct terminals could result in damage to your product.

    Hope this helps!
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  • I buy a new ION Block Rocker M5 yesterday and do the same when power it at home ! When i plug to power cord work OK and the power indicator on battery it is full (all 4 leds lights ) but the led beside power button it is not light. When i unplug the wall power cord the block rocker is turned off completly ! WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ??? The battery is full i check it separately ! Please give me advice !
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