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Profile Pro - no music, only feedback

My Profile Pro turntable produces only a loud hum and big noise through the speakers when I try to play and album when it is connected to my 1970 vintage Marantz receiver (using the red and white RCA phono plugs). My existing Toshiba turntable has no such issue.
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  • Hi William,

    Thanks for posting. 

    It sounds like you're experiencing this issue because the Profile Pro is connected to a phono-level input. Because the Profile Pro has a built-in pre-amp, we recommend you connect the turntable to a line-level input, such as a Tape, AUX, or CD input. Connecting your Profile Pro to a phono-level input is not recommended, as this will damage the turntable's built-in pre-amp. 

    I hope this helps! 
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