re compact lp after recording it to my computer how do I burn a cd?

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  • Hi Bob,

    Thanks for posting. Follow these steps below to burn an audio CD from your converted mp3s:

    1. Open iTunes by double-clicking the icon.

    2. Click File and select New Playlist.
    3. Alternatively you can click the + symbol on the bottom left to create a new playlist.

    4. Rename your untitled playlist to whatever you want to call your CD.
    5. Click on Music under the Library on the left.

    6. Find the music from your collection you want to add to your CD.
    7. Click and hold the left mouse button on the desired track(s).
    8. Drag the tracks onto the playlist you just created , and your files will be added.

    9. Repeat the step 5-8 until you have all of your tracks.
    10. Right-click the playlist you created.
    11. Select Burn Playlist to Disc.

    12. Select Audio CD.

      Note: Audio CD is selected as it is the most compatible type to play in home stereo and cars. Also make sure you are using CD-R as they are the most compatible media.
    13. Click Burn to start the process.
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