Software not recognizing turntable

Having a problem with the Profile Pro turntable. I can get it to play music through my PC desktop (windows 10), but the software won't recognize it. The meter won't light up, move or anything. Used it about a month ago with no issue. However, I can get it connected to my mac (macbook pro, El Captain), but everything is distorted and clippy sounding.

I did try using a different usb cable on the pc, but still no go.
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  • Hi John,

    Thanks for posting. Sorry you're having issues with your Profile Pro. 

    Can you confirm the version of the EZ Vinyl Tape Converter program you're using? If you're using a Windows computer you should be using version 11.7. If you're using Mac you should be using version 11.5. Both versions of the software can be downloaded at

    Additionally, once you've installed the latest version of the software, make sure that you're set up and configured properly. Check out this helpful guide below that will walk you through this:

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