What Kind of External Speakers Can I Connect to Vinyl Motion Record Player/Help with Understanding Manual's Description

Hi! I bought my record player with the understanding that I can connect external speakers to it. I read the manual and have no idea what this means: "The audio from a playing vinyl record is sent to this line-level coaxial audio output. This must not be connected to phono level devices." Later in the manual it says this: "If you prefer to use your own stereo speakers, you can connect Vinyl Motion's RCA outputs to a stereo system or to powered speakers. Do not connect them to phono-level inputs. Vinyl Motion's RCA outputs are line-level and could damage a device with phono-level inputs." I guess I don't know the difference between line-level and phono-level inputs. I was hoping to pair this with a small set of Klipsch speakers. But, I also have a set of bookshelf speakers from an old Brookstone CD player that connect to a subwoofer. I'm including the link to one currently on ebay to show those. I honestly don't even know if those will work, but I'm definitely thinking of using the Klipsch. http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/30186372...

I don't want to ruin anything, so can you help me figure this out? Thanks! :)
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