IQTELL - Please Consider a Minor Change to the Calendar

I'm a huge IQTELL fan - I'm an Annual Premium Subscriber, and will continue to be into the foreseeable future.
I'd like to make an appeal to you to consider making one minor change to the Calendar which I have been lobbying for, for awhile:

IQTELL Calendar needs to take a page out of Google Calendar's book and respect screen real estate more in Month view. I can't view the same things in IQTELL Cal that I can in Google Cal, which immediately leads me to using Google Calendar every time. I have not looked at the IQTELL Calendar for 6 months, because I simply can't view items in Month view (my dominant view) as comfortably as in Google Calendar, even though I want to use IQTELL for this. Very simply: consider using a narrower font, and abbreviating times in Month view. Maybe use the same font in Month that you do for Day and Week view. Here is a comparison of the same day in Month view between Google and IQTELL (and this is AFTER collapsing IQTELL's Calendar left panel):

Google Calendar:

IQTELL Calendar:

Thanks for your work, and your consideration. I really want to use IQTELL's Calendar instead of hiding the app and pinning Google Calendar as a tab in my browser.
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