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The new UI/UXis looks fantabulous!

I've had a sneak preview of the IQTell future and it is jaw dropping! When Ran reversed his decision last year to shut down IQTell, he did so knowing that the product needed some Hogwarts-style magic to lift it, and address what many see are shortcomings, to gain the market traction it both deserves and needs.
The new IQTell sees:
1. a new interface which is consistent with the way we are used to working with other 'standardised' web UI's (Google, Apple etc). Result is reduced learning curves, eliminated idiosyncracies and the natural power of IQTell's advanced features made easier to both understand and implement day to day.
2. speed, speed and more speed! Back end upgrades and push technology mean an end to tedious waiting and slow response times. Refreshes begone!
3. clean look and clean controls mean that users can focus on the activity of inbox management, rather than the technology of inbox management
All in all, this looks to be a well though out and impressive leap, and I can't wait for us all to get use the powerful new look.