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vhosts configuration not working on couchDb

I am facing a curious problem.I have a couchApp hosted on Iris couch.I purchased a domain name from godaddy and set my CNAME (WWW) to my database address on iris couch.When I type my domain name in the browser I get a couch db message


Now when I try to map my domain name ( to vhosts

it does not work.

my vhosts configuration is

vhost | | /staticshinprod/_design/staticshin/_rewrite

My rewrites.json is defined as follows

"from": "/home",
"to": "_list/listRecentPostsHome/recentPosts",
"method": "GET",
"query": {
"reduce": "false",
"descending": "true",
"limit": "10"

When I point my browser to address like this
it works.

However this
does not.I was hoping that the above url would work?What am I doing wrong?

I am guessing that there is some problem with vhosts configuration.

I asked this question on stack overlfow

but I thought it might be better if I asked it here.

My iris couch is

UPDATE : I am now getting this error when I point to domain)

Internal routing error

Sorry, we cannot connect to the intended server.

We have just been notified of this problem. We will correct it as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:
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