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TV Module

Well, what can I say. After so long making a nuisance of myself with the iRule team, trying to 'encourage' them to give us IP control of the TV, they come out with a module and it's, well, fantastic.

Only found out about it by accident, but then set about finding out all I could, bought it installed it and it seems to work great. Just what the doctor ordered :-)

Only 2 points I'd make:-

You can't seem to add a device to an Apple TV gateway from the Device. You have to add a gateway then add the TV device from within the Gateway. No biggie, but that's the way it seemed to me.

Also, I really want a SLEEP command so I can turn the damn thing off. This has always been an annoyance with the TV. I know it will do it itself after a set time, but I really want to be able to stop it playing and send it to sleep like every other device I control with iRule. In fact, how can I stop it playing within my 'OFF' macro? I don't know if it's already playing or not, so how can I be sure to STOP? With no STOP or SLEEP command, if I just hit my OFF button, the amp and TV turn off but it seems the TV will just keep playing and this is definitely NOT what is required.

Are there any such discrete IP commands, i.e. STOP and SLEEP? If so, could we please have access to them.