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4.1.2 Patch Release

List of changes/fixes for the 4.1.2 patch release: 

  • Fixed scaling for iOS devices using zoom mode.

  • Fixed crash on iOS 6 devices caused by a rendering error with certain automation modules.

  • Fixed rendering error with the status bar on iOS 8 when the user started out in landscape.

  • Help button on initial welcome page now correctly direct user to the help page.

  • Fixed compatibility with iOS 5.1.1 devices

  • Fixed auto-discovery crashes.

  • Fixes for the Vera module.

  • Improvements for handset layout and font scaling.

  • Software dimming overlay now renders correctly on iOS 8 devices.

  • Fix for crash that affected a portion of users when setting variables on a URL element.

  • Fix for crash on iOS 5 that occurred when setting image variables.

  • iPhone 6 and 6+ handsets should now appear in the list of handsets to sync with even with zoom mode enabled. 

Due to a change in Apple's app store review policy we will no longer be able to support users running iOS 4.3-5.1 effective June 1st, 2015. Users on devices running 5.1.1 and above will still receive regular updates and support. 

For more information please contact our support team as special arrangements may be available on a case by case basis.