Ability to select and modify multiple controls at once in the Builder

I was surprised to find that it is not currently possible to select multiple controls simultaneously in the Builder. This makes it very difficult to move groups of buttons at once, among other things.

I just finished an on-screen keyboard with about 50 buttons and when I had to move the completed keyboard to the other side of the page, having to move each button one by one was very painful.

There are a couple of ways this could be implemented:
* Allow us to select multiple controls by clicking and dragging a rectangular outline around controls (similar to Windows desktop, Balsamiq Mockups, etc)
* Allow us to use keyboard modifiers such as Shift and Ctrl
* Allow us to add/remove buttons to a group than could then be manipulated as a whole

Additionally, being able to update multiple controls at once via the Properties palette would save an incredible amount of time. A common scenario would be changing the font for all buttons on the page in one fell swoop, etc.

Will you please consider adding the ability to select and modify multiple controls at once?

I'm loving iRule so far. Keep up the great work!
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