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Advertisement bugs and Syncing Issue update

I am trying to consolidate the posts that have been made concerning these two issues. I understand the frustration that has arisen from the latest update.

Advertisements appearing on Pro licenses:

This issue is related to users not currently using the 4.1.0 update. There was a change in license title as some are aware. The Pro license has been changed to Advanced. This is only in title - the features and quotas have not been adjusted. 

If you are using a version of the app that is different from 4.1.0 the ads will appear. Updating to the latest version will correct this bug. We are looking at ways internally to correct this issue for users not using 4.x.x versions.

Syncing Issue

Many users before this latest update were identifying syncing issues where Google was not allowing sync to occur without first enabling access to less secure applications. Once this setting was enabled our users were able to sync. This is the reasoning behind adjusting the sync process to use Google+ login. 

There is a bug with syncing non Google+ accounts as reported by the users in this forum. We are looking at a resolution to this issue.

In the meantime enabling Google+ on your accounts will fix the syncing issue.