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An prebuilt pages or configs to import?

Hi all, testing out the trial version. Just curious, is it possible to get prebuilt pages. Say for my integra receiver, so I can import it and have a page that contain everything the receivers original remote has. Basically the same buttons that the remote has now. Or do I have to build it from scratch.

I've been reading the manual and this is not easy. :)

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  • Hi Ron,

    You are right, this is not easy! iRule is fairly powerful, but there is a definite learning curve! The easiest way to begin is to start the Handset Wizard. In the upper left corner of the Builder, click File, and then New Handset. The wizard will walk you through creating a basic Handset in about 15 minutes.

    Once that is done, you will have a basic framework to examine, modify, copy, etc. You can copy a Page or a Panel (Activity) and then modify it to suit your needs. iRule has a reasonably good selection of buttons available, or you can upload your own custom buttons.

    It should be fairly easy to create a Page for your Integra receiver. The Handset Wizard will import a Device for your receiver. Copy a Page or start with a blank page. Drag the Images of the buttons you want and drop them on the screen. Then drag the commands from the Integra Device and drop them on the matching buttons.

    Buttons will be translucent until they have a command dropped on them. You can easily move buttons around on the screen to get them just so.

    You may also want to look at the User Manual on the website:

    And there numerous Tutorials and Video Tutorials also available.

    Good Luck,

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