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Android 2.0! & New Builder Features

iRule Version 2.0 for Android

iRule version 2.0 for Android has been released! This new version has been rebuilt, practically from the ground up. From Variables and multi-state buttons, to new handset templates and improved Backup and Restore, we've dug into practically every corner of the app looking for any way to make it faster and better.

Current users can update their iRule app from the Google Play free of charge, or you can find the apk available on our website. This version is a major release that includes significantly new and/or improved functionality.

New Features, Revisions, and Additions - iRule AppVariables (Pro license only) Variables make building complex controls simpler. From which devices a page controls, to link destinations, to which graphics are displayed on a button or link, almost any aspect of a remote can be controlled by a variable.

Multi-State Images Buttons and links have three appearance states: Default, pressed, and selected. Make your user-interface more interesting and interactive. Give your UI more meaning with source selection indication. Put them in select/deselect groups so they interact with one another, and use variables for even more exciting effects.

New Handset Templates All Android Handset templates have updated to include multi-state buttons, and several new handset templates have been added to support some newer devices, including the 2013 Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HDX, and more.

Full-Resolution Grid Support Make your grid the same size as the number of pixels in your Android handset template and position buttons and other elements right down to the pixel, then use the new alignment tools to line them up!

Action Bar All-new Action Bar, just for Android. Better, more intuitive navigation and access to app settings. Pin it to make it persistent, or let it pop over your remote's UI as needed.

Wake-on-LAN (WoL) Action Support Wake-on-LAN (WoL) Action objects are now supported on Android. Add the WoL object to a macro on a button or a link, or in a panel entrance, for much better control of your WoL devices like computers, media servers, and a few TVs.

Transparent Drawers Drawer backgrounds are now transparent. Use a background image to make it function as before, leave it empty to let your Drawer UI elements "float" over the underlying page, or place a PNG with transparency to create a cool "glass" effect.

  • Reworked Gateways Page
  • Gateway status dialog and improved Gateway connection status
  • Gateway Backup/Restore confirmation dialog
  • UDP support is back, now supporting broadcast and unicast
Other Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed background height bug
  • Improved IR smooth-repeat
  • Improved gestures, including two-finger double-tap
  • Stability improvements on several different devices
  • Fixed an issue with button placement after sync
  • Fixes for Weather and Clock Modules
New Features, Revisions, and Additions - iRule Builder
  • New search bar on Panels, Images, Devices, Feedbacks, and More tabs
  • Improved Backup and Restore
    • Better performance on larger projects
    • Restore dialog reports status
    • Backups now contain account/project nickname
  • Builder Background color is now configurable
  • 'Collapse all' collapses all expanded tree elements