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Android version 2.1

iRule Version 2.1 for Android

Nest Thermostat Module --The Nest thermostat Module is now supported on Android! This still isn't an officially-supported version, so think of it as beta software. Even though it's tested and works well, Nest could disable the functionality with an update if they so choose. Until then enjoy controlling your Nest from iRule on Android!

Gateway Auto-Discovery --The app can now automatically discover several types of gateways.

Gateway IP Tracking --Auto-discovered gateways IP addresses are tracked so they can move and still work.

Sound on tap for modules --Modules now trigger sounds just like other remote UI elements.

Automation Modules Conductor We'll save you the geeky stuff, but this overhaul significantly improves speed and reliability of modules such as Vera, ISY and Leviton Z-Wave.

Other Improvements and Fixes
  • Made delays variable
  • Page swipes over buttons
  • Send command on release instead of press
  • Cancel button command if finger is moved outside selectable area
  • Made top drawer percentages variable
  • Gateway connection being lost after handset goes to sleep
  • Gateway backup
  • Use http headers from existing metadata
  • Setting a device's device ID to -1 (with a variable) now removes the device from a panel.
  • Removed Exit menu from app to conform to Android user interface guidelines.