android version sends gesture command on button/link press

i've been messing with using a digi ts16 to allow multiple connections to a gc-100 and in looking at its port logs in the process, i've come across what appears to be a bug in the android version of the app: if you're using a panel where you have a command assigned to the "single tap with one finger" gesture, that command gets sent any time the screen gets tapped, including when pressing buttons and links. with buttons, it sends the button's command, then the single tap command (one right after the other - no delay). with links, irule executes the link then sends the single tap command (therefore, because of that order, it happens when jumping *to* a panel with the gesture command, but not when jumping *from* a panel with gesture commands to a panel without them). this is happening with version 1.3.2 on both a kindle fire, and a droid incredible 2. irule version 2.3.0 for iOS on an ipod touch does not exhibit the same behavior.

i'd noticed in the past that the green arrows flashed when linking onto certain screens, but never had any way to see what it was actually doing, so i just ignored it. it wasn't until looking at those port logs and picking up on the pattern with button presses that i realized that must be what also happening with links. port logs confirmed.
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