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Any chance of a hardware remote in the future?

I love the flexibility of the iRule platform and you guys have done such an amazing job with the iOS/Android versions of the app. While I love the ability to completely customize and build my own software interface, I just can't live without the physical hardware buttons for Volume, channel, and arrow keys. Nothing beats being able to navigate your system without having to look down at a remote screen.

Do you guys have plans for a hybrid hardware remote in the future? Something along the lines of a Harmony One with WiFi built in and your software running on the device would be amazing. An all-in-one unit might be price prohibitive or costly to develop, but if you could build a piece of hardware that an iPod touch (or iPhone) could slide into and send the physical remote button commands to the iPod via the headphone jack, I really think you'd have a one of kind solution that could easily pick up the market that the Harmony has let fade out.

If you don't have plans for it yet, I vote that you hop on kickstarter and I'll be your first backer and volunteer beta tester!

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