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Atlona Matrix Switcher AT-UHD-PRO3-88M

Just got this new Matrix Switcher. I've tried some of the Device code sets for Atlona switchers. The Power On and Power Off codes work.

I can't get the Input/Output codes to work. I get the red light in the bottom left corner of my iPad and nothing changes.

Is there a IP code set available for this device?
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  • I cheated and went to the Atlona site and looked at the user manual.

    This unit has IR, RS-232, and IP control available. The manual starts discussing RS-232 and IP on page 21.

    Exactly what Devices have you tried that the power codes worked?

    I imported this Device: Atlona 8x8 V2 protocol. The Input/Output codes appear to be the same format as in your User Manual, so I would give it a try.

    Usually the Network Codes can be used in both RS-232 and IP control. Of course, you have to have the hardware and settings right, but if you can power the unit on and off, they probably are right.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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