Background and Button Style Changes ?

Is it possible to change the background once a handset has been started ? Also, can you change the button types from brushed to black for example after you have created your handset ?
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  • Hi Alan,

    Changing the background is easy. Just select the page, use the layer select menu to the lower-left of the page layout and select 'background layer'. Select and delete the current background, then drag-and-drop a new background. For subsequent pages, you can copy/paste the new background from the first page (don't forget to delete the old background first).

    Currently, there is no good way to change the theme from brushed to black once you've created your handset. You would technically need to drag/drop each button to change the them. Much more efficient would be to create a whole new handset in the desired theme, use Device Replacement to configure the new handset for use with your system's devices (iRule Pro only), then copy/paste any specific tweaks you may have made to the new handset.

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