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Big volume label/ drawer during pressing volume button

is there an option when I'm pressing the volume button that a (transparent) layer/ drawer appears which show the current volume level (via feedback) in large?
After releasing the volume button the layer/ drawer should dissappear.
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  • That's quite easy. Unfortunately I forgot how to realise that and can't look in my handset now cause I am not at home.
    If I remember well try to place the volume feedback where you wan't to have it on your page and choose the size and color. In the lower left side of the builder you will find a setting which allows you to fade away the feedback after a defined time. As far as I remember this is "-1" as default which means the feedback is always visible. Try to set this to (+) 3 or 4 seconds and look what happens when you change the volume.
    I have realised this as a second volume feedback in my handsets. One, smaller volume feedback near the volume slider always shows the volume.
    A larger feedback, as described above, shows the volume only for a few seconds while changing the volume. Is that what you want?

    Of course it shoulb be possible to change the size, color and position of a existing feedback but this is far more work.
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