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Bug Found - P1 - Causes App to be unusable and then crash - Needs Attention.

In iRule Builder, the LAST USER VISIBLE PANEL DISPLAYED (prior to the "drawers" and "help" panels) -- will not be able to be displayed on the iRule app and will cause the app to crash.

I have found this bug to be consistent and repeatable. If I delete the "last panel" the "next last panel" will inherit the same bug, so I am able to repeat the problem.

Currently, my last panel is named "test panel" if I select "test panel" in the interface, the app works as expected. HOWEVER, if you go back to the panels page and then select the "test panel" a SECOND TIME - that's when the problem occurs and will continue to occur until it crashes the app. This problem is consistent and repeatable.

The app is not able to display the panel, but it shows the "page name" laid over the "Panels" title at the top of the screen. Continuing to attempt to select the panel by touching the panel name will cause new page names to appear in a messy way OVER the "Panels" title. If you press the BACK button the app crashes.

When you re-open the app you are able to go to the bottom panel ONCE and the it will mess up and crash again as described above.
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