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I’m frustrated

can I clear everything and start over?

I'm trying to set up by system with iRule builder and the Android app. I had it partially working, but if I replaced devices in the builder, I couldn't get gateways to assign to them. For example, I had my cable box assigned through the iTach IP2IR channel 1 working, but only some of the buttons were working. I thought I'd try another cable box device from the database, so I replaced it with the new one, synched the app, and when trying to assign the iTach channel 1 it just won't assign. I've tried deleting all my devices and activities in the builder to start over. I added devices again, and now I can't assign gateways to any of them. The gateways are visible, they just don't stick and the devices stay in the "unassigned devices" category. Is there a way to wipe my configuration and start over?
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