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I’m confused

Can’t send a simple command over IP?

Hi guys , I’m new to IRULE and checking out whether the software can do a specific task I need it to do before purchasing.

I’m controlling a device which isn’t on the supported list and I’ve googled and cannot see that anyone has controlled this device before. However - the device does a very simple IP connection over telnet and I do know all the commands I need to send the device.

Basically - in IRULE builder - I have created a panel with a single button for testing purposes. I’ve created a new Device and added one “network code”. - one of he known commands that I have tested using a simple telnet client connected to the device over IP (and the command is correct and working).

I then used the IRULE app and added a network gateway (with IP address and login details for he device entered). And associated the network gateway with the device.

The first issue I ran into was my device doesn’t want a seperate username and password sent to it as 2 seperate commands. It appears the IRULE sends the username and password field at the device as two seperate commands - but my device wanted to see a single command of “login AMX password1” in order to log in.

I got around this problem by just entering “login AMX password1” in the username field (while leaving the password field blank) and IRULE now appears to login to the device via telnet (confirmed by checking the user log of the device and seeing IRULE successfully login).

Now - here’s the strange thing - when I press the button I’ve added to the user interface - IRULE sends no command to the device. I’m watching the device feedback using a telnet client on my laptop and there is no feedback showing because IRULE is sending nothing (regardless of what I type in the data field of the command using IRULE builder).

This strange to me as IRULE is successfully loging in and I can see feedback for the login process. Actually - remember how I said that I left the password field blank for the network gateway in IRULE app? If I type in my device code in the password field - IRULE successful executes the command on the device after logging in! So it’s confirmed that there is no problem with IRULE connecting and logging in . It’s been just that IRULE seems to fail to send a command that I’ve attached to a button? Why?
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  • In your iRule Gateway, did you connect your Device to the Gateway? You do this in the iRule app. It is up at the top of the Gateway setup, where it says Devices.

    Your command may also have to be altered slightly to the format iRule uses. What is the exact command you are trying to send?

    Please post a link to your AMX IP Protocol, if you have it. Also, what component are trying to control?
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