Can I make a "secret" panel and other questions

Hello yet again,

1. I'm setting up an iPad mini as sort of a universal remote for the whole home which means there are a couple panels I would like secretive like lighting/Garage door, and a few other so people don't turn on all lights at midnight when others are sleeping by accident.

My thoughts here would be "gestures" like a 2 finger double tap opens the lighting panel or a two finger swipe opens a panel then I can hide certain things inside that panel, I searched and didn't find this possible? Is there a way to open a hidden panel. I even thought of transparent buttons down in a corner or something but that doesn't really guard against an accident but makes it more likely it will be found.

How do I make a white background? What program makes backgrounds and .pngs I know I used it 5-6 years ago to make a bunch of flash based GUIs for Cinemar but I really don't want to re-learn all that again. Whats everyone favorite program Photoshop?
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