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codes for playing slideshow on Sony Blu-ray player

Hello, I have a Sony BDP-S5100 that I am controlling via IP. I have a bunch of pre-movie slides on a USB drive and have it set to music on a CD.

Is there a way to push one button and have it go straight to the slide show? I can see the Home button code in the builder, but don't see how to get it play a slideshow without navigating through the home menu.

Any ideas?
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  • Hi Bacon,

    I don't see anything in the protocol to indication something like you want. There are sometimes discrete commands for media functions like Netflix, but in the case of slides or vides from USB storage, I think there are too many variables for a discrete function. How would a discrete function know which slideshow to run, which media files to play, etc.?

    You could probably create a macro... Something like home, right, right, down, enter... With perhaps a .5-second pause between each selection. I do this with a couple of PS3 functions. It still goes through the XMB, but I don't have to navigate it myself.

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