I’m frustrated

command issues

hi there I'm new to using irule and im just trying to set it up. when i enter a panel and hit some commands all seems to be working fine, but then after three or four commands it starts to not deliver any of my commands. in the picture i attached, the top left corner flasshes red(it flashes green when my command is delivered).

its kind of frustrating as i can hit the same command or commands when i leave the app and renter the app or if i switch the panel, but i get the same result after and the commands stop sending after i do a few commands or so.

im using the gc-100-6 and in the gc 100 config page i have the network set to static ip
the one device(nexus 7) im using to control it is under the same subnet address and i have that set to a static ip on my router.

looking to get pointed in the right direction with some great help
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