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Commands in drawers stop working after device sleep

I've found an issue where buttons that are located on a drawer will stop working after one or two tablet (Nexus 7 in this case) sleeps.

All commands work fine after a sync/restart, but some stop after the first tablet sleep, and others stop after the second sleep. The green command sending arrows do not show after this.

However I have found that this only occurs for devices where all the commands are in the drawer only. If the device has buttons on the main page, they will always work.

So the work around is to hide small invisible buttons on the main page for devices that you only want in the drawer. Putting a command in the entrance did not seem to fix this either.

Without the workaround in place, I have to restart the app, or navigate to a page with the commands in the main page to get it to work again. The work around has got these commands in drawers working 100%.

This is the case for both IP and IR controlled devices.

I'm not desperate for a fix, the workaround works fine for me. But I thought I'd mention this in case anybody else gets this.

Android, iRule 2.04, Nexus 7 (old), GC100.
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