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Commands received sporadically, or not at all.


I've run into somewhat of a frustrating issue, and was hoping to seek some answers. I recently switched from an iPhone 5 to a HTC Butterfly S (sibling to the HTC One), and am having problems getting the new handset to work properly.

I have a very simple set up for my bedroom, consisting of one panel controlling two devices. The devices are a LG television, and a Motorola DVR. The iPhone controlled both flawlessly, but the HTC is struggling using the exact same set up. Commands to the television seem to work without any hiccups, but the same cannot be said for commands to the Motorola DVR. Sometimes the handset doesn't register when I'm pressing the corresponding command keys, and other times it does register, but they're not getting relayed to the DVR.

I'm having a success rate of around 5-10% in getting the commands to successfully work. Like I said, either the handset doesn't recognize the keypress or the command simply doesn't work properly. The inconsistency is driving me bonkers.

I don't really get why I'm having issues considering the setup was identical on my iPhone. I would appreciate any insight.

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