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Controlling an Epson Projector via Network

Hey all,

We have a bunch of conference rooms and I'm thinking of dropping new Epson projectors in there, specifically the G6750wu. These systems all have an Ethernet port and web application that allows me to do basic control of the system such as power and input selection.

I can get an iTach RS-232 adapter, but I sure would love to be able to bypass that and just use the direct network connection on the projector itself to control it.

Tried adding the RS-232 commands to a script and then setting up a new gateway as both HTTP and Network, but neither option seemed to work. The rest of the commands in the library appear to be IR based. The gateway does show as green when I do this method, but none of the commands work.

Anyone happen to know how I can go about controlling these bad boys over the network rather than an old school IR or RS-232 port?


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